Water is life. Unconventional water detection.

Hans Schröter, water engineer & dowsing expert, is an ingenious water finder. He uses a dowsing rod and combines hydrogeological with traditional knowledge to detect water – with extraordinary success. In nine to ten cases, his rod reaction leads to water. Prior to that, hydrogeological and topological maps are thoroughly analysed. You can only find water in places where it actually occurs.

Access to sufficient drinking water is one of the basic human needs. Hans Schröter is a former GTZ (German technical aid agency, today GIZ) employee who has built over 1000 wells in regions that are considered quite difficult in hydrogeological aspects. Projects
To locate water, the retired GTZ-expert usually combines dowsing techniques with scientific methods. He wants to share his expertise and experience in order to support people in arid regions to improve their water supply.

Appreciation for the methods of dowsing is an important issue for the successful and experienced dowser, who seeks to minimize the dispute between the different approaches and encourages the interdisciplinary cooperation of science, technology and radiesthesia (dowsing). More than two billion people are suffering from lack of drinking water today – in search of water in sufficient quantity and quality we have to open ourselves to unconventional methods that have been proven to be successful. Method

It is his vision to establish a foundation to support arid regions of the third world with access to drinking water. It is also of special interest to him to find and train other talented dowsers. Foundation